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ANA Holdings Restructures Cargo Operations as Part of Strategic Moves for NCA Acquisition

In a significant development, ANA Holdings has decided to suspend its collaborative air cargo operations with Lufthansa Cargo (LHA/LH) and United Airlines (UAL/UA). This strategic decision is a crucial step in ANA Group's plan to restructure its cargo operations in anticipation of the planned acquisition of Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA/KZ) in 2024. This move aims to streamline cargo flight operations to Europe and the United States, enhancing ANA Group's position in the market. ANA Cargo (ANA/NH) and Lufthansa Cargo have previously operated jointly, benefiting from antitrust exemption approvals for cargo flights between Japan and Europe. ANA Holdings is placing strong emphasis on the NCA acquisition, recognizing the growth potential in the air cargo industry. Given NCA's impressive sales and profits, the share transfer date originally scheduled for October has been postponed to a later date. Explore this strategic shift in the world of air cargo operations and its implications for ANA Holdings' future growth.


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