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Three commitments


Best Freight

Air and ocean freight rates fluctuate widely in price depending on the supply-demand balance. What we found in the beta version is that prices can vary by as much as 30% depending on the time of shipment and the forwarder. e-Bid Freight can certainly reduce your logistics costs.


Best Carrier

Our definition of the "best carrier" is one that is responsive, knowledgeable and experienced in the cargo it handles, capable of providing support on a global scale, and able to move cargo safely and quickly at competitive rates. All shippers can find the best carrier thought e-Bid Freight.



e-Bid Freight offers two different ways to initiate a project: spot project and regular project. Projects consist of a Request for Information "RFI" and a Request for Quotation "RFQ", allowing for efficient comparison and award of information and rates.

Spot Project

e-Bid Freight spot project

​"Spot project" is a browser-based freight procurement and management tool. It covers various shipping mode. Shippers can get quotes for a single shipment and compare various rates and service levels.

  • All transactions are conducted via web browser

  • 5 shipping modes; Air, LCL, FCL, FTL, LTL

  • FCL covers 15 container types: e.g. Dry container, Open top container, Reefer container, Tank

  • Pivot weight is available on Air

  • Analysis and comparison tools: Ranking, Benchmarking, Total aount, Unit price

Regular Project

"Regular Project" is a freight procurement and management tool for multi-shipping. Shippers can utilize customizable RFQ templates to obtain contracted freight rates from individual carriers.

  • Customizable RFQ templates are available

  • 5 shipping modes; Air, LCL, FCL, FTL, LTL

  • Analysis and comparison tools: Ranking, Benchmarking, Total aount, Unit price

  • Freight sourcing for up to 1,000 lanes per project

  • Automatic integration of each rate card from carriers

E-Bid Freight regular project

Team Sourcing

E-Bid Freight team sourcing

e-Bid Freight provides a variety of tools to enhance team sourcing on a global level. Team members can access the system anytime, anywhere with a web browser.

  • Multi language; English, Chinese, Japanese

  • 30 currencies; e.g. USD, EUR, GBP, CNY, JPY

  • You can register your companies' exchange rates or refer to exchange rates of European Central Bank

  • attributes: administrator, editor, and viewer

  • Communicate with your team members and carriers via a Message faunction



On average, more than 14 carriers participate the tender per project.



Over 30% price difference between the highest and the lowest.



20 carriers and 500 lanes project with $43,000 workload savings

Download the rationale for the +$43,000 reduction

Click here to download


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