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"EBI" e-Bid Freight Index in air freights
EBI 2023 Q4.png
Index Calculation Method
  • The index is calculated independently by LE using bidding data from e-Bid Freight, LE's international logistics platform, and other external sources.
  • TC1, 2, and 3 are based on the regional classification defined by IATA. TC1 refers to the Americas (North, Central, and South America), TC2 to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and TC3 to Asia.
  • The index is calculated based on the sum of Airfreight plus Fuel Surcharge and Security Surcharge.
  • Max range is the high range, mid range is the middle range, and min range is the low range of rates
  • 2020 2Q (April-June 2020) may be omitted due to lack of valid data during the COVID19 expansion.
  • Mid range for 1Q2020 set to 1 for each index
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SCFI / CCFI(Changed to CCFI in February 2021)
SCFI "Shanghai Containerized Freight Index" CCFI "China Containerized Freight Index"
This is an index of ocean container freight rates from Shanghai and China published by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange.

TEU "Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit", FEU "Forty-Foot Equivalent Unit" 
Europe: Hamburg/Antwerp/Felixstowe/Le Havre, USWC: Los Angeles/Long Beach/Oakland, USEC: New York/Savannah/Norfolk/Charleston
Note: The freight rate includes ocean freight and surcharges, i.e.: 1.BAF/FAF/LSS, 2.EBS/EBA, 3.CAF/YAS, 4.PSS, 5.WRS, 6.PCS, 7.SCS/SCF/PTF/PCC
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