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2017 Tokyo, we launched e-Bid Freight

For better freight procurement and tender

In Tokyo 2017, we launched e-Bid Freight for this purpose. We decided to start our service in the logistics industry based on our own experience of having problems to import products from overseas.

"We are not a forwarder"

e-Bid Freight has no planes, no ships, no trucks, and no warehouses. We are neither a carrier nor a forwarder. We are a Fourth Party Logistics 4PL operator and technology company that connects shippers and forwarders. We provide a place where shippers and forwarders can efficiently connect. Many companies are starting new transactions through e-Bid Freight.

Our company

Name: Lean Energy Co., Ltd.

Address: 1-13-1 Muromachi, Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan



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April 2011: Started activities in the Incubation Room of Hosei University Graduate School

July 2011: Lean Energy established

October 2011: Launched sales of energy-saving monitor "Hayawakari"

June 2015: Started sales of "MyWatt," an electricity monitor connected to the Internet

July 2016: Beta release of e-Bid Freight, global freight procurement and tender platform

October 2017: Official version of e-Bid Freight released

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