Digital freight matching

E-Bid Freight is a platform for global logistics and freight procurement with over 1,200 shippers and carriers. The matching engine we have developed enables optimal matching between shippers and carriers.

Freight marketplace

Freight sourcing is based on each project and quote in the marketplace of e-Bid Freight. Shipper may choose which carriers invite to the each project. Projects are private and not open to all the parties in the system.

User types

1. Client

"Client" is a shipper who initiates spot/regular projects with e-Bid Freight. Clients can get quotes from each bidders to find the best carrier.

2. Bidder

"Bidder" is a shipping line or forwarder who submit quotes to clients. Clients invite bidders to e-Bid Freight as "My bidder".  

3. Certified bidder

"Certified bidder" is a bidder who has been certified by Lean Energy. They are ranked by stars based on competency and service level.

Flying Plane

Equipped with a proprietary matching engine

Our proprietary matching engine offers certified bidders on project-by-project basis. It evaluates service levels in four categories; mode of transport, item of transport, origin and destination. Service levels are registered by bidders themselves, and are updated as needed based on e-Bid Freight's performance and other factors.

matching engine_macbookgrey_front.png

Note: Bidders must be certified by Lean Energy to activate matching function. If you are interested in becoming a certified bidder, please contact us via chat or email.