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Yamato Holdings launch an intermodal service from Southeast Asia to Europe

Yamato Holdings is set to launch an innovative international intermodal transportation service, utilizing trucks and trains, from Southeast Asia to Europe. This service, scheduled to commence shortly, offers the flexibility to transport goods in chartered containers or mixed loads, depending on the cargo volume. Notably, it promises shorter transit times compared to the traditional Cape of Good Hope route. Characterized by its cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly approach with low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the service is poised to cater to the strong demand from Southeast Asia, a key hub for electronics and automotive production. This strategic move aims to fortify the global supply chain, providing a compelling alternative alongside sea and air transportation. Given the escalating ship attacks in the Red Sea by the Houthis, a pro-Iranian armed group in Yemen, this new route offers a crucial solution, mitigating the significant cost escalation associated with the Cape of Good Hope route.


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