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Top 5 Japan Freight Forwarders in October 2022

e-Bid Freight Fowarder Ranking Oct. 2022

The ranking of forwarders in terms of international airfreight volume from Japan for October 2022 has been revealed, with Nippon Express in first place with 19,927 tons (-17.5% y/y), Kintetsu Express in second place with 12,953 tons (-13.9% y/y), Yusen Logistics in third place with 10,007 tons (-26.5% y/y), and Hankyu Hanshin Express, at 5,508t (-14.5%), and Nishitetsu (Nishinippon Railways International Logistics Division), at 4,085t (-22.4%). Each company continued to post year-on-year declines due to a reactionary drop from the spread of the new coronavirus infection.


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