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Top 5 Japan Freight Forwarders in June 2023

The ranking of forwarders of international airfreight cargo volume from Japan for April 2023 has been revealed: Nippon Express was No. 1 with 16,821 tons (-21.4% y/y), KWE No. 2 with 10,452 tons (-36.3%), Yusen Logistics No. 3 with 8,361 tons (-23.5%), NNR with 3,405t (-32.8%), and Hankyu Hanshin Express, with 3,060t (-44.8%).


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Top 5 Japan Freight Forwarders in March 2024

The March 2024 Japan International Air Cargo Forwarder Ranking has been revealed. The top spot goes to NX with 17,733 tons (-3.6% y/y), followed by Yusen Logistics with 11,016 tons (+18.2%), Kintetsu


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