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Three major U.S. airlines to increase cargo business revenue by 80% in January-March 2021

The three major U.S. airlines, Delta Air Lines (DL/DAL), American Airlines Group (AA/AAL), and United Airlines Holdings (UA/UAL), posted a significant increase in cargo business revenue of $1.027 billion (+82.4% YoY) in the January-March period of 2021. In the same period of the previous year, there was already a decrease in supply space due to the suspension and reduction of passenger flights caused by the new corona disaster, but there was demand for emergency transportation of medical supplies and other items from the spring of 2020 onward, as well as the introduction of passenger aircraft cargo flights, which led to an increase in transportation volume. The overall sales of the three companies decreased in the January-March period of 2021 compared to the October-December period of 2020, but the operating loss and final loss narrowed.


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