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Some Chinese airports may stop accepting cargo from India due to tightened quarantine

ANA Cargo (ANA/NH) reported that local Chinese authorities are tightening restrictions and quarantine measures on cargo originating from India, resulting in temporary transport restrictions and changes in the handling of arriving cargo at some Chinese airports. For Qingdao and Dalian, all consignments and transportation have been suspended, and the handling of import cargo, including via India, has been temporarily suspended. All cargoes from Beijing, including those via India, will be subject to PCR testing, and if the test results are positive, the instructions of customs will be followed. In Shanghai, all cargo will be subject to disinfection. In the case of disinfection work, there is a possibility that the disinfectant solution will adhere to the cargo, so we are calling for tighter packaging for cargo that cannot be allowed to get wet or adhere to the disinfectant solution.


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