Narita Airport Exports Hit Record High for First Time in 14 Years

According to Tokyo Customs, exports from Narita Airport in October totaled 1,148.8 billion yen (+22% y-o-y), the largest in 14 years. The rapid resumption of economic activity in the U.S. led to a 50.2 billion yen (+51%) increase in exports of electrical measuring instruments, a major customer in the U.S., and 71.5 billion yen (+27%) in exports of scientific and optical instruments, including cameras and lenses. Sales in each region increased.


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Decreases were seen via the East Coast of North America (-3.7% week-on-week), the West Coast of North America (-6.1%), and Europe (-1.1%). South Korea (+/-0%) remained unchanged. 北米東岸経由(前週比 -3.7%) 、北米

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