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Top 5 Japan Freight Forwarders Ranking in July 2022

The July 2022 international airfreight forwarder rankings reveal that Nippon Express ranked first with 20,853 MT (-13.4% y/y), Kintetsu Express second with 15,206 MT (-1.8% y/y), Yusen Logistics third with 10,271 MT (-26.0% y/y), Hankyu Hanshin Express fourth with 5,148 MT (-3.0% y/y), and Nishinippon Railways International Logistics Division (Tetsu) fifth with 4,560 MT (-3.0% y/y). Hanshin Express, at 5,148t (-3.0% y/y), and Nishitetsu (Nishinippon Railways International Logistics Division), at 4,560t (-20.3% y/y). Hankyu Hanshin Express, which ranked fifth the previous month, and Nisshitetsu, which ranked fourth, switched places for the first time in three months.


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