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Shanghai's Pudong Airport Slightly Improves Supply, but Loading Delays Continue

Supply at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, where operational capacity has been reduced due to the tightening of quarantine by the Chinese government, has been improving somewhat. The operational capacity of Shanghai Pudong International Airport has been reduced due to the tightening of quarantine by the Chinese government. The air cargo space departing from the airport after the National Day vacation has been reduced by roughly 40-50% compared to July before the turmoil, and seems to have increased by 10-20% from before the holiday. However, the capacity still remains at about half of what it was before the turmoil, and it is believed that the loading of export cargo continues to be delayed by two to five days. Freight rates, which had been skyrocketing, have started to calm down somewhat, but they are still more than 60% higher than the prices at the top of the peak season in previous years.


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