Russia's invasion of Ukraine disrupts logistics

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has caused disruption to logistics networks as the air and shipping industry moves to avoid Russia. Japan Airlines (JAL/JL) and All Nippon Airways (ANA/NH) have been forced to cancel flights and change transport routes due to flight avoidance over Russia, putting upward pressure on air freight rates between Japan and Europe. In addition, shipping companies also suspended transportation to and from Russia one after another.

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Decreases were seen via the East Coast of North America (-3.7% week-on-week), the West Coast of North America (-6.1%), and Europe (-1.1%). South Korea (+/-0%) remained unchanged. 北米東岸経由(前週比 -3.7%) 、北米

Russia's shipping trade has plummeted since the invasion of Ukraine and Western sanctions push many foreign companies to suspend sailings.The world's biggest foreign container lines including the top