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NX International Logistics (China) Earns Top 50 Ranking at China's 2023 Logistics Summit

NIPPON EXPRESS Holdings proudly announced that its subsidiary, NX International Logistics (China), has been recognized as one of China's top 50 logistics companies for the seventh consecutive year in 2023. This prestigious accolade was conferred during the "China 2023 Logistics Situation Development Analysis Meeting and 50 Top Logistics Companies Forum," held in Wuhan City, China. COSCO claimed the top spot, boasting impressive sales figures of 575.9419 billion yuan (11.551 trillion yen). It was closely followed by Xiamen Shanyu, with sales totaling 269.0743 billion yuan (5.3966 trillion yen), and Shunfeng Holdings (SFHD), which reported sales of 262.07974 billion yuan (5.3966 billion yen). Notably, NX China secured the 42nd position on this esteemed list, achieving sales of 9,886.31 million yuan (1982.2 billion yen). This recognition underscores NX International Logistics (China)'s unwavering commitment to excellence in the dynamic Chinese logistics landscape.

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