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NIPPON EXPRESS Develops North American and Asian Transportation Routes Avoiding the West Coast

NX America, a group of NIPPON EXPRESS Holdings (NXHD), has launched a new intermodal service from the US and Canada to Asia via Mexico. Port congestion on the west coast of North America remains unabated, and schedule changes and delays have become the norm. In addition to difficulties in securing new space, logistics in the U.S. is in disarray due to congestion at rail terminals for transshipment and a shortage of drivers for trailers. In addition, there are concerns about the risk of a port strike due to labor negotiations on the U.S. West Coast, and the future remains uncertain. NX America has developed U.S.E. ME, a new multimodal transportation service to maintain the supply chain in the U.S. In addition to providing reliable transportation with stable lead times, the NX Group will provide high-quality intermodal transportation services by leveraging its strength in operating its own warehouse in Mexico. The required time from Chicago, U.S.A. to the port of Yokohama is about 37 days, which is several to ten days less than the current same route via the West Coast, which combines rail and land transportation.


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