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Major listed logistics companies' financial results for the April-June period of 2021

Of the 57 major listed logistics companies whose financial results for the April-June period of 2021 are comparable to those of the same period of the previous year, 51 companies, or 89% of the total, posted higher sales. Of the 59 companies with comparable operating results, 51, or 86%, posted higher profits or returned to profitability. In the same period of the previous year, almost 90% of all companies reported a decline in revenue and almost 80% reported a decline in profit or a fall into the red due to the global decline in demand caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so many companies reported significant increases in revenue and profit in reaction. Overall, airfreight maintained a high level in terms of both volume and sales price, and many e-commerce (EC)-related companies increased their handling of delivery and storage services.


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