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JILS Research Institute Fears Marine Container Shortage Will Continue Throughout the Year

The Japan Institute of Logistics Systems (JILS) said on April 4 that the shortage of containers for international ocean transport due to the corona disaster may continue throughout the year, based on the results of JILS' research group activities and questionnaires, as well as trends in government and other organizations. Although China and other countries, where the impact of the crisis has already subsided, are showing signs of activity, the majority of respondents at a June meeting of the association's Global Logistics Study Group (GL Lab) said that the impact will continue from the third quarter to the fourth quarter. In a recent interview with member companies, several companies said that the stranding of ships in the Suez Canal has made the situation even worse and that the problem of securing space and increasing freight rates is worsening rather than subsiding, even though loading for the North American Christmas shopping season will begin in late August.


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