Forwarder Ranking in April2021

The ranking of forwarders of international air cargoes originating from Japan for April 2021 has been revealed: Nippon Express ranked first with 29,302 tons (+133.2% y/y), Kintetsu World Express second with 16,165 tons (+76.9% y/y), Yusen Logistics third with 14,532 tons (+115.5% y/y), West Nippon Railway International Logistics Division (Nishitetsu) fourth with 5,917 tons (+85.0% y/y), Hankyu Hanshin Express fifth with 5,124 tons (+96.0% y/y). (Nishi-Nippon Railroad), with 5,917 tons (+85.0%), and Hankyu Hanshin Express, with 5,124 tons (+96.6%). Yusen Logistics, which ranked second last month, and Kintetsu World Express, which ranked third, swapped places.


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