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Congestion Continues at North American Ports, Railways Hold Up Cargo

ONE has released an update on container shipping congestion on the west and east coasts of North America and inland. As of the 1st, U.S. time, there were 65 containerships on standby in Los Angeles (Long Beach), 12 in Seattle (Tacoma), and 3 in Vancouver on the West Coast, and 26 in Savannah, Georgia on the East Coast. As a result of the global expansion of EC use in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the situation at U.S. West Coast ports, which are the gateway for marine transportation from Asia to North America, remains unresolved as container handling volume continues to increase and ships are forced to wait for permission to dock. On the West Coast, congestion in Oakland is beginning to dissipate, while congestion in Los Angeles and Seattle is worsening. On the East Coast, Savannah and New York are getting worse. Congestion at major inland rail ramps in the U.S. also remains severe, with shortages of chassis and trucks causing cargo to take longer to arrive and be picked up. Customers are being urged to return containers and chassis as soon as possible after picking up their cargo, as the backlog of cargo is affecting operations on the ramps and railroad schedules.


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