CCFI Summary week 35

欧州(前週比+2.9%)、 北米東岸経由(+6.4%) で増加。 北米西岸経由(-4%)、 韓国(-7.5%) は減少。

Europe (+2.9%) and North America via East Coast (+6.4%) increased. Traffic via the west coast of North America (-4%) and South Korea (-7.5%) decreased.

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Ocean freight rates decreased via the West Coast of North America (-5.6% week-on-week), via the East Coast of North America (-3.5%), Europe (-7.0%), and Korea (-4.4%).

IATA said the air cargo market is stable despite demand falling for the sixth month in a row in August. The airline association’s latest data shows that demand in August fell by 8.3%, which was a slig