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Top 5 Japan Freight Forwarders in August 2023

The rankings for international airfreight cargo volume from Japan in July 2023 have just been unveiled. Nippon Express claims the top spot, having transported 15,200 tons of cargo, albeit marking a 18.6% decrease compared to the previous year. Following closely is KWE, securing the second position with 9,328 tons, which represents a significant 35.5% drop. Yusen Logistics clinches the third position, having moved 8,062 tons, experiencing a 12.8% decline. Notably, NNR Global Logistics secures the fourth place by transporting 3,008 tons, indicating a 29.1% decrease, while Hankyu Hanshin Express occupies the fifth rank with 2,572 tons, showcasing a notable decrease of 45.9%. Collectively, the industry's overall performance stands at 58,640 tons, which reflects a 22.9% reduction in volume compared to the same period last year.


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