SCFI Summary week 34

北米西岸経由(前週比+34)、 北米東岸経由(+41) 、 欧州(+21)で増加 。釜山(±0)は横ばい。8月に入り西海岸向けは安定して3000ドルを上回っており、北米向けは高いレートレベルを維持している。大手フォワーダーによると、中国発のスマートフォン、ゲーム関連の出荷でピークに向かっているとの情報もある。

The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index as of 21th of August increased via the west coast of North America (+34 compared to the previous week), via the east coast of North America (+41), and Europe (+21) . Busan (±0) was flat. Beginning in August, the west coast has steadily exceeded $3,000, while North America has maintained high rate levels. According to a major forwarder, it is reported that shipments of smartphones and games from China are going to be a peak.




CCFI Summary week 40

欧州(前週比+2.7%)、北米東岸経由(+7.0%)、韓国(+0.2%)で増加。北米西岸経由(-3.7%)は減少。 Europe (+2.7%), North America via East Coast (+7.0%), and South Korea (+0.2%) increased. Traffic via the west coast of North America (-3.7%)


8月の日本発航空輸出混載貨物実績は、重量が8万9012㌧(前年同月比+59.1%)、件数が21万1487件(+21.9%)だった。重量は9カ月連続の前年超え。 Airfreight consolidation shipments from Japan in August totaled 89,012 tons (up 59.1% y-o-y) and 211,487 cases (up 21.9%