ONE、2019年度は黒字もコロナで今年度予想を見送り ONE, FY2019 profit was in the black


The performance of Ocean Network Express (ONE) for the fiscal year of 2019 was a profit of $ 105 million, with profit after tax improved by approximately $ 700 million from the previous year. In the fourth quarter (January-March), a loss of 22 million dollars was recorded due to a decrease in stacking volume due to the impact of the new coronavirus, but it was initially expected due to operating cost reductions and falling fuel oil prices. It has been reduced to less than half from the deficit forecast. The synergy effect from the integration was initially planned to be achieved in three years, but it will be achieved one year ahead of schedule, and the Company aims to further strengthen its competitiveness in the future. However, due to the recent spread of the new coronavirus infection, cargo movements stagnated due to a decline in demand in various parts of the world including Europe and the United States, and uncertainty remains strong from May onward, making it difficult to reasonably estimate the full-year forecast for FY20. The announcement was postponed due to some reason.




日本郵船、通期経常益700億円 航空運送も黒字転換 NYK's full-year ordinary income is 70 billion yen


シベリア鉄道利用の欧州向け輸送開始、コスト焦点 Started transportation to Europe using the Trans-Siberian Railway


ONE異例の臨時船 ONE will operate an exceptional temporary vessel from Japan to the United States in Nov

オーシャン・ネットワーク・エクスプレス(ONE)は11月中旬に日本発米国向けで臨時船を運航する。臨時船投入は、中国発米国向けではしばしば実施されているが、日本での投入は極めて異例の対応だ。アジア発全体で米国向けの輸送需要が急増するなか、日本でもスペースやコンテナ不足が顕著になっている。ONEは臨時船の投入で、積み残し解消を図る方針だ。 Ocean Network Express (ONE) wil

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