AIT、上海ー東京の航空貨物スペース不足を受けシー&レイル輸送を増便 AIT increases sea and rail transport due to lack of air cargo spa


AIT has increased its hybrid premium service (Sea & Rail) between Shanghai and Tokyo to twice a week from March 28, which used to be a single flight a week. The service is based on the AIT Group's Shanghai warehouse, after which the cargo is transported by consolidation and bonded transport between Shanghai and Osaka / Kobe Port on a Japan-China International Ferry ferry between Osaka and Kobe and Tokyo by JR freight railroad from Tokyo to the final destination from Tokyo. Due to the shortage of air cargo space from China due to the impact of the corona virus and the rise in freight rates, the company has been able to avoid sea freight from Tokyo Port, which is difficult to deliver due to congestion, and has been stable for six days. They meet customer demands by expanding the sea & rail service.


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