WASSHA/ヤマハ発動機とアフリカのラストワンマイル輸送で協業 WASSHA / Yamaha Motor to Collaborate on Last One Mile in Africa


Aiming to build Africa's largest retail platform, Washha will collaborate with Yamaha Motor on logistics services in Tanzania. WASSHA is developing an electricity service business for unelectrified areas in the African market. In Tanzania, the company rents self-developed solar-powered LED lanterns through 1600 kiosks to ordinary consumers whose income is unstable. In cooperation with Yamaha Motor, Yamaha Motor's highly efficient and durable motorcycles will be used to verify the feasibility of using the highly efficient and durable motorcycles for the last one mile transport in the power business and the logistics business, which is developed by WASSHA. The demonstration will be completed by the end of 2020, with the aim of starting a full-scale business.


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