ANAホールディングス、新型機投入も需要減少で貨物収入21%減 ANA Holdings to reduce cargo demand by 21% due to US-China trade fri


According to ANA Holdings (ANA / NH) announced Q3 FY03 / 2020 results, cargo revenue for international flights was 78.1 billion yen (-20.9% YoY). In international cargo, a large cargo aircraft Boeing 777F was introduced on the Narita-Shanghai (Pudong) route in July and on the Narita-Chicago route in October to capture demand for large cargo such as automobiles and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. However, due to the global economic slowdown including the U.S.-China trade friction, demand for both Japanese and overseas cargo has declined. Overall, both transportation weight and revenue were lower than in the same period of the previous year.


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