HAKOVO、中国発インドネシア向の到着前輸入申告を可能に HAKOVO enables import declaration from China to Indonesia before arriv

シンガポールの港湾運営会社、PSAから支援を受けるベンチャー企業HAKOVOは独自のデジタル通関ソリューション「SMART CLEAR」によってインドネシアで輸入通関のデジタル化に取り組んでいる。同サービスをインドネシア税関システムと接続し、中国発貨物の輸入通関電子化を実現した。中国税関での輸出許可後、翌営業日にはインドネシア側で輸入通関データを電子申告できる。同国では港湾の貨物滞留が社会問題となっており、税関業務の効率化を図る。HAKOVOは同サービスを通じて将来的にアセアンにおける輸入通関電子化を目指し事業展開を進めるという。

HAKOVO, a venture company that receives support from PSA, a port operator in Singapore, is working to digitize import customs clearance in Indonesia using its own digital customs clearance solution “SMART CLEAR”. The service was connected to the Indonesian customs system to realize electronic customs clearance for cargo originating in China. Import clearance data can be electronically filed on the Indonesian side on the next business day after export permission from China Customs. In the country, cargo retention in ports has become a social problem, and the efficiency of customs operations will be improved. HAKOVO said that it will promote business development in the future with the aim of digitizing import customs clearance in ASEAN through this service.


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