Japan-Mekong Business Forum emphasizing strengthening cooperation

The Japan-Mekong Business Forum was held on October 9 by the Japan External Trade Organization and other organizations in line with the Japan-Mekong Regional Countries Summit Meeting. The leaders of each country took the stage and called for further support and cooperation in the development of hardware and software logistics infrastructure, such as the East-West Economic Corridor and the Southern Economic Corridor, which cross the Mekong region, as well as the special economic zones and customs clearance systems in each country.




CCFI Summary week 18

欧州(前週比+4.9%)、北米西岸経由(+1.2%)、 北米東岸経由(+8.1%) で増加。 韓国(-5.4%) は減少。


3月の日本発航空輸出混載貨物実績は、重量が11万3236㌧(前年同月比+63.4%)、件数が26万9240件(+23.9%)だった。年度末の需要増加により、海上貨物の混乱で貨物がさらに増加し、2月からも1万8000㌧超増えた。 重量は4カ月連続の増加で、 新型コロナウイルス禍のスペース不足が続く中、記録的な高水準となった。