Tokyo Port, Higher Volume Handled in 1H 2018

According to the Ports and Harbors Bureau of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the volume of foreign trade containers handled by Tokyo Port in the first half of 2018 (January to June) reached a record 2,227,441 TEU (up 1.7% from the same period of the previous year). Exports accounted for 1,026,016 TEU (+2.0%) and imports for 1,201,425 TEU (+1.6%). The top three countries are China, the United States, and Thailand. Exports in China and the U.S. fell below the previous year's level, but Thailand performed well, rising 17.6%. In addition, Malaysia increased 43.2% and Indonesia increased 27.3%. Imports were strong in the United States and Canada.




SCFI Summary week 38

北米西岸経由(前週比+53)、 北米東岸経由(+100) 、 欧州(+27)、 釜山(+6)はで増加 。 The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index as of 18th of September increased via the west coast of North America (+53 compared to the previous week),

7月フォワーダーランキング(国際航空輸出貨物取扱量) June Forwarder Ranking (International Air Cargo Handling Volume)

7月の日本発国際航空貨物取扱量フォワーダーランキングが明らかになった。1位は日本通運で13,521㌧(前年同月比-20.7%)、2位は近鉄エクスプレス9,234㌧(-18.8%) 、3位は郵船ロジスティクス6,681㌧(-27.7%) 、4位は阪急阪神エクスプレスは2,451㌧(-41.0%) 5位は西日本鉄道国際物流事業本部(にしてつ)2,623㌧ (-40.4%)だった。前年比では大幅に減少し

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